3 tourists in a scenic area of ​​Henan electric shock due to view the pool leakage

Henan Kaifeng Long live mountain scenic spot a scenic pool accident
(Reporter Li Ming) August 3 12 o'clock, Henan Kaifeng Long live scenic area of ​​a scenic pool accident, three tourists play when the water was electric death. Local safety supervision departments have set up investigation teams to investigate. The Kaifeng Long live mountain tour area is located near the Tokyo Avenue in Kaifeng City and is located at the scenic pool on the side of the main road in Kowloon. 3 o'clock noon 12 o'clock, visitors Chen Chen Haiyan, Chen Yuyang, Mu Fengjuan line of five people in the vicinity of the incident to play. 11-year-old Chen Yuyang in the viewing pool side of the water, suspected of reservoir leakage, the electric shock fell into the water, Chen Haiyan, Mu Fengjuan two people went to rescue when they were shocked to fall into the water. After the incident, the three were sent to medical treatment, due to rescue invalid death. The deceased Mu Fengjuan husband told the Beijing News reporter, the deceased Chen Haiyan, Chen Yuyang is his brother-in-law and nephew, his day is not present, accompanied by his sister told him the incident. "Family was killed by electric shock, because the pool leakage, the day of the scene there is no warning signs pool, the scene after the rescue workers are also half an hour after the incident arrived." 3 o'clock on the 18th, long live "In the afternoon of April 4, Kaifeng City Public Security Bureau Publicity Bureau responded that this is the same time," he said, "he said," he said. Things have not yet placed on file, need to safety departments first production safety accident identified. Kaifeng City Safety Supervision Bureau office staff told the Beijing News reporter, "has set up an accident investigation team, the cause of the accident is still under investigation."

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