The man sent a good heart to send girls to school was when the traffickers were beaten by many people

Zhong Zhiqiang finally came to the investigation of the matter of the town of Yinyang town police station news
In September this year, Jianyang stone town, 49-year-old Zhong Quanyou wanted to do a good ride to send a little girl to school, but was as "traffickers", was more than men beaten, causing multiple head fractures. More than two months, Zhong Zhongyou's son Zhong Zhiqiang, has been trying to prove his father is not "traffickers", "things happen, I feel they look at my strange eyes, I just want to prove that my father is not traffickers." Until November 17, the local police station through more than two months of investigation, issued a notice of no filing, the notice shows that the current evidence does not support Zhong Quanyou "grab the doll" behavior. "Feel the heart of the stone finally fell to the ground." Zhong Zhiqiang said that the notice made him feel gratified. For the certificate of innocence, his son running around Zhong Zhongyou said he was Jianyang people, but went to Shenzhen in the 1990s to work. September 9, he and his wife with a 5-year-old granddaughter, returned from Shenzhen to Jianyang, ready to live for some time. Own two sons, stay in Shenzhen to do business. The day after the incident, they all rushed from Shenzhen back. Father's face, the head has a suture wound, so that the brothers are very upset. But let them uncomfortable, is the villagers strange eyes. "It is like being a family member of the 'traffickers', and they are too despise." They once wanted to go to the matter, or to find a clue, and later in the persuasion of others, after all, did not go. "They let me not go, worry about playing again." In order to help his father to recover justice, Zhong Zhiqiang began to run around. Police: evidence does not support, temporarily not on file November 17, Zhong Zhiqiang finally came to investigate the matter of the town of Shijiazhuang town police station news: the current evidence does not support the villagers alarm reflected Zhong Quanyou "grab the doll" behavior, So temporarily not on file. The police also pointed out: "If there are new clues, we will continue to investigate the incident." On the other hand, the next step will be the police will be beaten Zhong Zhongyou to do further investigation. This is not a filing notice, for Zhong Zhiqiang, is a comfort. "So long time, others to us as traffickers, look at our eyes are not right.Now the police station also proved that we are not traffickers, like a heart of a stone finally fell to the ground." Girl family members do not accept the investigation results November 17 , The little girl's grandmother received a telephone call to the police station, asked her to "not on file" notice signed. But until November 18, she did not go to the police station. She does not accept the police's current findings. She said, granddaughter 5 years old, the day she sent the baby to the village kindergarten, "dolls go fast, in front of me on the back of the road." At that time, I saw Zhong Zhongyou granddaughter holding the car, "I was also my heart Muttering, this stranger why should we hold our doll? "And for the situation at the time, five-year-old girl is also unclear. "I saw him holding the doll on the car, but for someone stopped, then took away." She was impressed, after the village took place a few years ago, Times the attempted "grab the doll" thing. For Zhong Zhiqiang, the attitude of the villagers, let him see that he wanted to prove his father innocent road is still very long. Facing the villagers and the little girl's family does not recognize, he also feel powerless. "I believe that the law will give me a fair, respect for the investigation results." November 18, sitting in a wheelchair, said Zhong Zhongyou.

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